Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Knitting My First Purse

I found a local yarn shop! The owner is very nice and very knowledgeable. She recommended that I knit an awesome purse and helped me select this fabulous wool yarn. Yes, wool in Florida, I must be crazy. But the colors are so adorable. In fact, I recently purchased a wallet in these very colors, so when the purse is finished I will have a matching set.

It's hard to tell what the purse will look like by the pictures here, but trust me, it will be fabulous!!!

This first picture is of the yarn. I purchased 3 balls, but it already appears that I will need a fourth one to finish the pattern. I will pick that up at the yarn store in the next few days. I really love the combination of the orange, greens, and pink.

In the next picture, you can see the knitting start to take shape. But don't let it fool you, this really looks nothing like the final item because when it is finished it will be folded in half and stitched together.

In this last shot, you can see that the yarn goes from being loosely spun to tightly spun and back again. It creates an awesome texture!

You can see the orange, pink, dark green, and light green pretty clearly in this shot.

I am thinking about lining the bag with hot pink fabric when it is completed.

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kittycraft said...

How is that purse coming along?