Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Meet the Greyhounds

We are very fortunate to have two wonderful greyhounds. Their names are Janie and Bandit, and they make us laugh every day with their antics.

Since the weather is starting to cool off, I thought I would first share some pictures of them in their coats. The lady that I order the coats from makes them specifically to fit each dog, and we even got to pick the fabric she used. She donates all of her profits to her local greyhound adoption chapter.

This first picture is of our boy, Bandit. Look at that handsome profile!!!

The coats came with "snood" attachments. Look at how our girl Janie looks.

Here is a great shot of the two of them together so you can see their size difference. Janie may be smaller, but she is definitely the Alpha dog, and Bandit lets her boss him around. She THINKS she is the boss of me, too.

Here's a lovely shot of Janie relaxing. What a beautiful face!

When a greyhound is happy, he or she will flip upside down. They can even fall asleep in this position. I don' t know how that can possibly be comfortable....

When we first got Bandit he liked to sleep in his crate with his head hanging out. Again, how can that be comfortable?

Now he likes to sleep all over. His favorite place is in my older daughter's bedroom ... away from bossy Janie.

Here's a shot of princess Janie on the spare bed in my craft room. She likes to cuddle up with my stuffed bunny.


Pam said...

Wow, I was checking out knitting info and saw your babies. We also have 2 of these wonderful animals. I can't imagine our house without them. People who have never met a greyhound have absolutely no idea what a great pet they make. Love the coats would love more information on them.

Tammy said...

I enjoyed seeing pictures of your babies! So cute!!! We have two chocolate labs, Jake and Jesse.

Tammy (Tam-n-Tx on CS forum)

Lindy said...

They are SO cute!