Monday, January 12, 2009

Completed Dishcloths

This dishcloth is called Waffle Knit, and I just love how it works with variegated yarn. I will definitely knit more of this one.

This Pretzel dishcloth is a Valentine's Day present for my husband. Shhhh, it's a secret! The cloth is actually brown, but it photographed as this golden color.

This is my second attempt at a mitered square. My first one looked like a sting ray. ;) This is a cloth that looks complicated but is VERY easy to do.

Grandma's Favorite - done in Christmas colors. Yes, I started my Christmas knitting already. ;)


Quilty bird said...

How did that blue end up in the mitred square? Were you using up leftover yarn? They all look very nice.

BunnyStamping said...

Hi QB! Thanks for your sweet comments. Yes, I used scrap yarn for the mitered square. I have so many scraps, I really need to find something to do with them. :)